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Is it sexist?

Target have a top that says "girls are smarter"?


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Do you find it sexist?

I personally think the PC brigade need to back their shit up and stop nitpicking over every, little thing. It's getting ridiculous.

Yep. Kids clothes have some scary stuff - my 3 yr old nephew running around in a shirt that says 'lock up your daughters' comes to mind or my daughter being given a size 1 shirt that said 'let's go shopping'.
'Girls are smarter' is probably trying to be some sort of positive gender-reversing thing of empowerment (or look that way to sell shirts lol) but why compare at all? Why not just say 'girls are smart'? It's not a competition.
Nor is it a fact, but probably the slogan 'Some girls are smart, some boys are smart, but you really need to work hard and be nice if you want to like a fulfilled life with valuable relationships' is probably too long for a kid's shirt. ;)

 *live* a fulfilled life
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 Oh man. I really want your slogan on a shirt for my kid. I love it.
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If there was a t-shirt that said 'boys are smarter' we'd all be up in arms. So yes, it is sexist.

 Yeah agree. Many of us aren't fussed but up in arms when it says 'boys are smarter' etc etc.
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Would you be bothered by it if it said “boys are smarter”?

Yes, some kids t-shirt have some pretty weird things written on them

Why do these things have to keep coming back to the same shit like sexism or feminism. Don't buy the f*****g shirt and look away if you don't like it

I'd get a shirt that said 'smarty pants' or something but not one that was saying one gender is better then the other .... both myself and hubby think that sort of thing is rediculous ... and also we have both genders of children so why would you want to start that whole fight

seriously? next we wont be able to label anything "for girls" or "for boys" it will be for person or something. im all for equality but where do we draw the line..

 Some people are already pushing for this. Genderless kids clothing and toys.
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 Ffs wish u could see my eyes roll how ridiculous
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It’s just a shirt. If it bothers you that much, don’t buy it.