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I hate having guests!

I really do.
I like my own space. I hate "entertaining" others. I feel obsessed with the cleaning before and after they come. I don't like conversation. I tend to hide in the kitchen.
This is probably why i have no friends.

Yeah yeah i should be grateful family want to spend time with us (read:the kids). Buttttt I'd really rather do it elsewhere. Or not at all.

Anyone else hate having guests?


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I also hate staying at others homes!!! Give me a hotel any day if i have to stay away from home

 Oh same!
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Same. Nothing more draining. I would prefer to never have to talk/entertain anyone again. I'm happy with my little family. I get physically drained after having people over.

I am EXACTLY the same!!! I don't feel comfortable when we have guests staying with us. Like I can't be myself!

 Yes! I just can't relax!! I feel physically tense the whole time. And on show almost. Its exhausting.
Easy answer- chill the heck out... sadly I just haven't mastered that in my 15odd years of being an adult in my own house.

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Yep I'm definitely not a fan of guests. Absolutely hate having in laws over from interstate. They just sit on their a*s and expect to be cooked for, cleaned up after and entertained. We have to bus it everywhere when we go over there, but when they come here they expect to be driven everywhere and means we have to take 2 cars coz we have 3 kids, and not once have they offered to help with petrol or parking for us to drive their a*s around.

 This made me laugh because all the things you described are what they would have done for your husband for...say, 18 years! And you complain about it for a weekend or week.
I treat my parents like royalty when they are here because I know what they went through raising me and my brothers!

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 Not at all. Neither of them ever had a licence so my husband took busses or walked all his life. They barely cooked, the kids had to take turns cooking and most nights the parents went out for dinner themselves while the older kids babysat and cooked for the younger ones. And he moved out at 15 not 18.

They do nothing for us when we go there, we even cook for them and pay for our and their bus fares for them to come with us when we go out somewhere, not to mention paying for entry fees and activities for them to tag along with us, just like they also expect us to do when they come visit us.
My parents are different, less entitled, more helpful, never pushy and I treat them accordingly.

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I hate having guests over and am so glad to see this post! I thought i was the only one! For my 37th birthday im giving myself ‘no guests for the rest of my life’

I'm not a huge fan, but, I have had a couple stay that were actually helpful. They brought food, helped cook, clean, played with the kids. They were no work at all, it was great. I think if people are staying the night or longer, the 'guest' label should leave & they should be making you dinner and your cups of tea as a thanks for having them stay.

 Agree 1000000%
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I don't even like having visitors for a couple of hours!

 No wonder you are a Nigel no friends
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 Nigel no friends. Just the way I like it too. No drama, no politics, no gossiping or my life is perfect, yours isn’t.......most people are hard work.
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We have purposely kept living in our starter home even though we can afford to buy a bigger place so that we don't have the room to have people stay over. Visitors are welcome but free loaders aren't.

I prefer to have guests over because the kids are young, can put them to bed and relax, don't have to worry because I know my house is set up for my kids safety.

I feel the same. I always try to invite people out for picnics instead. Overnight stays are more exhausting.

I Hear you....I had family wanting to come stay from 8hrs away for Australia Day weekend and I go back to work the day after....Sorry no can do !!!

Totally agree, I have 2 close friend/sister inlaws that I'm completely cool with having over with there hubbies. Everyone else is an anxiety attack waiting to happen, especially my mother in law. She's in from is for 3 MONTHS staying with all the kids for a period of time. Everyday I wake wondering will today be our day 🙁 So I'm on constant alert.

 Omg turn your water off and claim to have a burst pipe that can’t be fixed for weeks.
But really poor love is obviously lonely

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 I hear you on this.
I have my mom over, for 5 weeks and I am already exhausted by her presence in my home!
I am ok to keep a nice distance relationship with short visits and lots of phone calls but having her here with me it is so draining for me!
Without being disrespectful towards her in any way, I cannot wait for her to leave!
Another 3 weeks to go!
Oh my God! I don’t want guests in my home ever again!
Thanks to God, I love my home and I am very happy living on my own!
My present for 8th March 2020 is: No guests in my home ever again!

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I hate having others over and I hate going to friends houses. Give me a play centre any day. I then don't have to clean up after.

I usually really enjoy having guests but we recently moved and have my Inlaws staying with us for the first time.. Oh my goodness I can't wait for them to leave. I never realised how inconsiderate they are! Expect me to make every drink and meal for 11 days straight and haven't offered to so much as clean a dish, so over it..

 That is so rude and selfish of them. I feel for you.
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 Thank you i really appreciate it x
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