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Breaking up, making up cycle and the affect it has on kids?

Answered 1 year ago

I'm starting to really be concerned about my little nephew and niece (aged 5 & 4) due to my brother (27) and his girlfriend (25) literally breaking up and making up every single month for the last FIVE frigging years. It's obviously a toxic situation, my brother and I are close and I'd love to just have an honest open chat with him about how this is so bad for his children living in constant chaos and confusion, and fighting.
Maybe it's none of my business and I could care less if they end up together or not in the end but I feel someone has to say something about the turmoil it's causing because it's a bloody ridiclous for the poor little muppets to be subjected to their parents moving in and out, leaving, coming back, happy family, broken family, they've dragged these babies through custody battles and mediation NINE times!!!.. and the kids can't speak up for themselves obviously, any advice on what to say here? I seriously can't just watch it any more, I have their kids at my house.. again, while it's all up the air, I don't even want to send them back and I want to throttle both of their dumbass parents.

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1 year ago
Not stepping over boundaries at all, as his sister you have every right to have a chat with your brother about it. Let him know!

Good luck