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Food and other stuff in jail

Just wondering what the good is like, worse than hospital food? How much money are the prisoners allowed to spend on commissary each week. Any other things that make jail bearable? I’m not planning a crime...just wondering s someone I know is about to be locked Up. Thanks


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From experience in Qld. It’s not much different in each state.
The food is not that bad. It gets a bit boring having a rotating menu, meatball Thursday, fish Friday... you get the drift.
You will need money for buy ups, phonecalls, writing letters. Take a few hundred dollars to court with you so you can put it straight on your trust, if female you will need to buy bras, male and female socks/undies/toiletries etc in there. NO wire in the bra you are wearing. Wear a decent pair of sneakers to court, you will be wearing them daily. Wash your hair really well before court, sachets if shitty shampoo suck while waiting for buy ups.

Phone numbers can take a week to be put on your call list, they need to call the number to verify they will accept calls.
Sort someone as power of attorney now just in case, let banks/utilities etc know what’s happening so you don’t come out to debt collectors.
If you take medications the process of sorting that out while your being processed is wayyy easier if you have a letter and contact number from gp.
If you use drugs the women’s jails in Qld offer the suboxtene program, men’s offer nothing of the sort (other states are way more helpful with this department) either way I suggest putting some Valium in something that closes properly & is not metal & sticking it up Your jaxie. Don’t tell a single person in there you have it, not even your cell mate.
No one is your friend in there, be assertive & don’t take shit, if someone picks a fight don’t throw the first punch always hit back.
It’s an unwritten rule to shower before lock down.
If your unit has accessible laundry do it yourself otherwise shit goes missing.
You will realise who your friends and family really are, don’t rely on anyone for anything while your in there, this is also why it’s important to take $ to court. Don’t rely on working there at least in the beginning... you get paid f**k all but it is really good to have a job in there for your mental state!

 Holy shit love. I've never been to jail and I don't really have any plans to in the near future but wow. That was really eye opening. How does someone get over that. Are you OK ♥️
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 I'd love to sit and have a beer with you.
Seems like you'd have an amazing story to tell.
Glad you are out x

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No personal experience, but you often hear people in jail are treated better than the elderly in aged care. Which is disgusting if true.

 100% true.
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 Oh you guys have been there hey? 😒🙄 scared me straight out of my old ways I will NEVER go back. Now iv got my beautiful kids even more so but iv been straight for 14 years now.
Jail is a shitty shitty place.

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 Nursing homes aren’t fantastic places either. People sit around waiting to die. Sitting in their own filth. Served sub standard food.
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 Unless you have done time this comment is irrelevant. Prisoners don’t tell people half the shit that goes on inside, they want to remain staunch.
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 I have been to jail, know many people that have been in and out of jail and visited many jails. I have also worked in a few aged care facilities and in community care and I can assure you aged care is much nicer and the elderly are looked after far better. They also have much more access to medical care in aged care. People get stabbed with a shif in jail and don’t get treatment. A prisoner can not get so much as a Panadol without waiting sometimes days to see a nurse.
People go on about how the elderly sit around in dirty pjs, care staff can only persuade residents to shower, not force them. I have seen families be far more nasty to residents than staff, removing wedding rings off residents that are in palliative care while they are still conscious. Financial abuse is rife.
My grandma complains to my family she doesn’t get enough vegetables yet I have seen her list of dislikes and carrot is the only thing she hasn’t listed (they cook her carrot even when it’s not on the menu)

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 ^ I’m glad you have worked in an aged care facility that treats its residents well. Reality is, they are not all like that. Some are awful, and yes I’ve first hand knowledge. I’m not saying it’s worse than prison, I’m just saying not all nursing homes see their residents welfare as being a priority.
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OP Thanks for this. Did you work in ages care after your conviction? Is it difficult to get work with a conviction or does it just depend what it is and how long ago?
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Prisoners in jail have access to a shop in jail with a list of items to select from also can be sent money through money orders to have access to the cash to spend as well as working for extra money