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Brand new houses and minimalism

Answered 8 months ago

Has anyone built or moved into a brand new modern home? Did you completely downsize your items? New homes seem to only have room for the bare minimum. What did you do with things like school yearbooks, paperwork, sentimental trinkets? These things don't seem to fit in anymore in everyday life. Where are people storing these things or do you completely rid yourself of them?

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8 months ago
Dog boxes with beds

8 months ago
In the process of building
It’s the complete opposite of what I currently have

Will be putting most of the furniture I don’t want into storage for my kids because they are about ready to move out of home anyway so no doubt they will take it. Whatever they don’t want I will give to charity. I don’t hang onto stuff generally.

I will definitely be buying new furniture because I have had these things for 18+ years. Some newer stuff wont go and I like the whole minimalism approach to new houses.

9 months ago
New houses are designed as minimal so the builder can advertise cheaper or sell turnkey. You add those bits to the design & add on the costs.

I am minimalist tho. I don't keep much sentimental stuff & have only what we use. Even so, we still needed more cupboard space than our larger than stadard house plan was offering!