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What happens at swingers parties? Besides the obvious :)

I'm curious. Say there's a swingers party (is that a real thing?!), do you walk in and hang for a bit? Talk about what's going to happen? Are there rules? Is it basically that if you're there you're keen to sleep with whoever??
So curious!


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You arrive bringing some food and drink to share. You wander around greeting those you know and meet new people while relaxing with food and drink. Basic rules are laid out by the host ie where sex is allowed to happen and where it's not (normally explained prior to arrival), no unwanted force, respect any rules laid out by the participants prior, during, after sexual interaction. Condoms are usually provided by the host and you can bring your own if you wish. Safe sex is negotiated between the people involved. If you have a partner, you will have your own pre-agreed comfort level rules between you with what is and isn't ok to do while at the party. Once you become attracted to a person or persons, you discuss (in whatever level of detail you wish) what you'd like to have happen next and during your interaction. You enjoy yourself! When you are ready to go home, you thank your host and go home or on to enjoy further delights.

OP It sounds like fun!
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Hi I've been chatting to a girl on a dateing site and she wants me to go to a party with her,I've never been to one before and don't no what to expect?

It's a real thing. I went to one, an actual club not someone's house ages ago. There was a booking and fee to be paid. I went with a guy I had been seeing. There were two levels, upstairs various rooms with beds, condoms and so on. Downstairs a massive spa, a table, lounges. I went upstairs with my guy and we had sex. There were TVs everywhere and the goings on in the rooms broadcast across the club, so other people would have seen what we were doing. Everyone got naked, we sat in the spa, we drank and chatted. Just a social gathering, but no one was wearing clothes lol. But that night we didn't hook up as there was no other couple appealing enough. First and last time I ever went!

OP Was it a Sydney club by any chance??? We want to go to have sex as its a fantasy of mine. But not sure which club to choose. Hoping for some younger sexy couples!
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It's kind of like a college party. Everyone is hanging out enjoying food and drinks, trying to find a hookup. I cater swinger parties sometimes, but I'm there to work, so it's an interesting experience to watch. Some.of.the guests are just there for the party. They are free to enjoy with no pressure.

OP I want to watch and be with my husband so I'm glad there's no pressure to actually interact sexually :)
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Sex happens

OP So the obvious. But what else?
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