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What do you find the sexiest thing about your partner?


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That he lets me be me & never tries to change me (not like other men i was with before him). He loves me just as I am. ... and he's still hot for me, chases me around, can't get dress without him staring still. He's a good egg.

 Haha. Just like my hubby. It sounds cuter coming from someone else though. I get annoyed as I have no privacy when he does it
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 Yeah i get like that sometimes too but it could be worse right?
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 Err.. you’re pretty lucky :(
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The fact that he can't say no to me. I can't say it to him either, but we both go above and beyond to make each other happy. That and the fact that he is helping me get my kids sperm donor's right removed so he can legally adopt them. They haven't seen him in over 3 years (since just after youngest was born, we split while I was early pregnant with her due to his violence) and last time he did see them he went off that he was going to tie me and the kids up in the house and set it on fire. My partner has been my rock all through court and when my ex up and disappeared after saying he wanted nothing to do with the kids, my partner just said "oh well, they're mine now, I'll claim them".

 I'm glad you found such a good man for you and your kids
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His thundering dad voice when the kids have been giving me a rash of bullshit all day and he sends them to bed.

I'm kidding. That's one of his good points though 😂
Physically, he has the nicest eyes. And his smile lights up his whole damn face. And he has dimples (when his stupid wizard beard isn't covering it up).
He has a swimmers back too, that nice V shape.

His personality, well, he makes me laugh.

Its hard to pick one thing. I love the whole package.

That he is still so in love with me after 18 years together. The way he looks at me sometimes just makes me melt. I still totally love him too 😊

 That is so sweet. Kudos to you both 💕
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He has this cheeky smile and a naughty look in his eyes that still turns me to mush after 17 years, he knows exactly how to turn me on and is the most amazing lover. Out of the bedroom he is patient and kind and a man who happily helps those in need. He is an awesome father, a man I see more and more in our teenage son and the type of man I hope our daughter will one day find. He keeps me on my toes and always wanting more. After a traumatic childhood my husband has taught me to trust, shown me what love is and makes me want to be a better person.

 That’s really lovely! x
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Aah these are so good to read ❤️ After being cheated on and treated like crap I am happily single but one day I hope to find a love like these again 😘

Physically: his height (6 foot seven) his sexy legs
His person: his character ,his kindness and empathy. His support through ivf. His love. I can see that he loves me more than the day we married and I him. together across international distance 10 years married 4!

His smile, his butt and the fact that he makes me breakfast in bed every morning after 25 years of being together.

 Awwwwww ❤️❤️❤️
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That he is an amazing dad. He could have left when we were teenagers having a baby but he didn’t. He stayed and has treated his daughter and I like princesses. He worked hard to provide for us (until injury made that impossible) but now I work to take care of us and he does everything around the house. I come home and he won’t let me do anything (not that I don’t help out) but he takes care of us just like he always had and I know he will take care of the new baby the same way.
He is the most amazing man we could ask for and that makes him sexy beyond belief

The way he smiles at me, how he kiss me so passionately still and then smiles at me before tucking my hair behind my ear. And the fact that how he smiles at me, he doesn’t smile at anyone else like that. His kisses on my neck.. 💦 The way he is so empathetic and still makes me laugh so much. After everything he went through growing up, he is still the most sweetest and kindest man ever. We still talk for hours about anything and everything. He has never judged me or anyone else.
But most of all.. his banging muscly Dad bod, but despite the fact that he is hot af. He craves my curvy Mum bod more than anything.

Physically: he has the most beautiful blue eyes and cheeky smile I adore.
Personality: he’s a softy he does anything to make me happy and I him. He’s the best father. Adores his children
After 12 years together the spark is still there.

So good to read these answers. I didn't think love like this existed, and so pleased to see it does. I have never been on the receiving end of it.

 Same. I’m married and not exposed to this sort of love but thought I had it ok. Actually feel a bit sad to read these (no offence anyone) just realised what I’m missing out on)
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 You could turn it around
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 How? I can’t exaxtlh change who he is, and make him love me, as much as I love him. Or have him adore me or such. Yes I can do r all to him but why give so much of myself to not receive it back?
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