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Vaginal discharge

Hi ladies, what is your normal? (to those that have it, no need to comment if you have none).
Do you have discharge on your undies each day etc?
What do you do?
What is normal amount?


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Normal days is pretty light but heavy around ovulation so have been using a menstrual cup to catch any excess

A little bit each day, but around ovulation, BAM! So much! Only happened since having kids, prior to that it was just a small amount each day.

 would you be embarrassed if someone saw your knickers? ie someone doing your washing etc?
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 Well 99.9% of the time it's me washing them. But I'll use liners on bad days, or at least wipe it off my knickers when I use the loo. So it's not like there's a heap sitting in my knickers when they get washed, just a little staining I guess you might call it. My husband, mum and mil are the only other people who'd wash my clothes, and meh, not that bothered.
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 Thanks for you reply : )
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I only do a few days before and during ovulation (egg white, stringy etc) and then when my fertile window is over it goes a little bit creamy for a day or 2. Then nothing until next month.

Yep enough to show which undies have been worn and which haven’t if that makes sense. I do get embarrassed of my undies are face up in the washing basket even though I know I’m the only one to wash I get worried for anyone that walks past my laundry basket... more around ovulation but always seem to have some regardless.

 Thank you, I'm not the only one!
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 Definitely not! I’d say everyone varies, and for some of us far more than others.. but it’s one of those things you don’t discuss so never really know lol
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 ^for sure!
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Every single day. Lots of it. Lots! But to be honest I think about sex a lot so I probably get wet which probably contributes a bit. But even on non horney days I still get a lot. It's just me and it really doesn't faze me. Just life.

Every damn day! I'm so over it, have to wear panty liners and change them three times a day

 Do you get thrush from wearing them everyday?
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 No I don't, probably because I change them frequently.
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A bit before ovulation and sometimes a tiny amount. If you have anything that is concerning as GP to check for bacterial vaginosis which is just a imbalance of PH can be from soap etc