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Peeing during sex

Have you accidentally peed during sex? We're your drunk or sober?


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If liquid came from ur pee hole it's pee

If it came from your sex hole it's female ejaculation

If there is a wet spot on the bed, you came a little. If the guy is inside of you and feels warm liquid rushing past his member it's a big squirt

The reason both male and female private areas fill with blood and make them larger and more sensitive is to also push the urethral tube shut.

If you are worried, empty ur bladder before hand. Then when u "squirt" you will know u aren't peeing.

Some research says it's pee, other research suggests it is fluid from your glands.

I squirt and during periods of abstinence I get a cyst in the glands just inside my vagina.

I personally think some woman produce more fluid then others during arousal and it's from the vagina and not pee at all.

Well I recently orgasmed and peed everywhere! never happened before! Was messy and kinda gross

 Maybe you squirted
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I once thought i peed, but i had squirted during orgasm! Maybe thats what happened to u!

 its pee
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