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B'day gft ideas for girl turning 11 that is going away travelling in a caravan for a few months.


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-mini colouring book and pencils
-travel journal and pen
-toiletry bag filled with accessories & a towel
-a nice, fluffy blanket
-personalised water bottle
-an Australian map to mark off where they have been
-scooter or roller blades
-vouchers for places on the trip
-a container with lollies

 This has got some really great idea. I particularly like experiences for the places she visits and a diary with stationary, maybe with a daypack and water bottle. 11 year old girls seem to really like the stationary from Smiggles. Or you could take her on a shopping trip before you go and get her to choose something for the trip.
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Travel diary, travel games. If she has tech maybe iTunes card.

I like the idea of a journal or a camera. You can get reasonably decent cameras for a good price these days. Or an insta max camera with a scrap book to stick the photos in

DVDs for when they don’t get service, a camera, travel diary.