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Baby+milk+wont take a bottle advice...

My son is 6months old and will not take breastmilk or formula in a bottle. But will happily drink water from a bottle. He is 6months old. Im returning to work in jan, at a kindy where he will be in nursery so i can swap with nursery staff and feed him when he needs it + he will have purees/yogurt etc. Just wondering- if anyone had a baby the same- did your baby successfully transition to cows milk at around 1 year old? I have tried every bloody trick for formula and bottle feeding breast milk- while it isnt a real issue now im really hoping he will take cows milk when hes old enough as i dont want to continue breastfeeding for another year. Ideally i would like to stop at around 1 yr old. Im only going back to work 2 days as i have to pay his fees in nursery- hubby doesnt work so he could watch him (free) and i could increase hours but i cant until bubs gets off the boob.


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I had the same trouble with my daughter. She was about 5 months old when I ended up in hospital. Here I was stressing in the hospital bed because no one has ever got her to drink out of a bottle. I was in hospital for about 13 hrs. The doctors wanted me there longer because I was really sick but I signed a piece of paper to get out of there coz I was worried my daughter hadn't had a drink. Got home to find her milk drunk with an empty bottle on the table. She turned the bottle down twice in the morning then gave in. She never looked back after that.
So maybe leave your baby with someone you trust with some expressed milk in a bottle and go away for the day so he doesn't get cranky that you're there and you're not giving him the boob.

Have you tried someone else giving the bottle when you are not around? All my kids went milk hungry for the first day or two of daycare by being silly but they gave in pretty quickly. (They all started around 6 month mark). My oldest daughter refused a bottle of my milk from her dad until i was actually at work - didnt even bat an eyelid. Your son knows how to drink from a bottle so be patient with him

Try one of those transition sippy cups and when he's older get a cup with straw.

Try making the hole in the nipple a little bigger. If he'll take water, he's just having to work too hard for the milk.

Try the comotomo bottles, they mimic breastfeeding. Good luck

My daughter refused to take a bottle at all, regardless of the contents. Until one day I put some honey in the top of the teat. I thought: if it works with animals..... it did. Miss 1 was intrigued and suckled more and more. Now she'll take the bottle if offered (honey free).

Hey ladies- thanks for all tips. Ive mostly tried them all- ive been doing casual work but maximum of 4hrs so that hubby doesnt go bonkers listeing to screaming. My baby just wont take milk from a bottle. He pushes it away and ends up crying until he falls asleep. Ive tried different bottles, quicker and slower teats, tried spoon feeding, mixing it with purees instead of water, tried hubby and sister giving a bottle etc. I went to the docs and she just said that baby prefers me lol! He will be fine at daycare as i can feed him- it just seems silly paying fees while he could be at home with hubby for free. Theres no point me increasing hours as ill have to increase his days in nursery too. So i guess for now ill just stick to 2 days a week with him there and see how he goes... thanks anyways 😄 just a stubborn boy