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Have you let your husband have anal sex? And was it painful?

Have you let your husband have anal sex and was it painful the first time? Does it ever stop being painful? Or how did it feel?


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I was introduced to anal sex fairly early on in my sex life so letting my husband have me that way really isnt big of a deal.

He had never done it before we met so it was a bit of a novelty to him in the beginning and did it quite often. We might do it 6-8 times a year now.

I enjoy anal sex a lot but have never reached orgasm from it.

I've done it a few times. Every time I was very relaxed so it didn't hurt. A bit like traditional sex, if you are tense it's gonna hurt. But lube. Invest in lotsa KY. That helps. Anal doesn't really do it for me though, so the few times I've tried it was enough for me.

 What happens long term to your muscles?
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Take a dump backwards. That's what it feels like

 I dont get this
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 It feels like a poo going back up where it came from
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 I totally agree
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Anal sex is very enjoyable but you really need to use an enema before hand. Doggy style is so satifying while your partner is in your anus he can also play with your boobs amd touch your pussy. And if he comes inside just the pulse is very orgasmic!!

 If your partner tries to go in when hes not very hard it helps loosen the anus too..
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It’s awful and super painful. I really don’t understand the obsession with it. Maybe the problem is that I’m not a masochist.

I actually don't mind it. Not all the time, but it is a nice change now and then. I usually have pretty strong orgasms from anal. We use it sometimes to 'finish'.

We have a pretty adventurous sex life and are both up for trying new things but have never tried anal. We've raised the idea a few times but neither of us are that keen.
I read an article recently about how more young women these days are being pressured into anal because it's so prevalent in porn that young males often get the impression that it's a very normal/mainstream part of sex, when it isn't really. Sad.

 Yes, very young girls too. Women need to let each other know that its ok to say no to sex acts they dont want to do . Its ok to do them if YOU want to but you shouldnt have to do something painful to please a man.
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 Yes I read this article where Young boys between 12-16 thought the most pleasurable position for a woman is rough anal, because of porn, and obviously they are watching it sneakily so they don't talk to adults about what they're viewing so They don't have anyone to tell them otherwise.
Talk to your children about porn being unrealistic and acted out!!!! Otherwise they'll expect their first time to be like "legal teen loses her virginity to bbc" or something else equally horrifying.

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Yip we do. Probably about once a month or so. I can orgasm quite strongly through anal (only if I'm on top) and my husband likes this. But the feeling is almost too tight for him he says. So only once and awhile to change it up and be kinky =)

You definitely need to be very relaxed. Just take it really slow. Make sure you and he are on the same page about taking it slowly and just trying to ease in to it. And lube, lube, lube!
The first time I tried it was with my ex and although I told him to take it slowly he thought it'd be better just to surprise me and get the pain "over and done with quickly" so he just rammed it in all in one go. Fu****g OUCH!!!! We tried a couple more times after that but never lasted more than a couple of minutes as I didn't enjoy it (too nervous and tense he'd do it again).
My husband is a very considerate and protective guy so I trust him completely and it's made all the difference - I actually enjoy it now. We just do it every now and then though to keep things interesting.

Hi Ladies :)

I am thinking about having a first time experience with my husband.

(I know this thread is a few years old) while reading the post, I am assuming that you do use condoms when engaging in Anal Sex with your partner / husband?

...... And a question for those in Monogamous relationships (& you both being cleared of any STDs) do you use protection / Condoms or you just using Lube?

Thank you in advance!!!

 Condoms can help contain some of the 'mess' - we don't use them , anal is our finisher , can't go back near the vagina once your done!
We will normally have foreplay then sex, I will normally have 2-3 orgasms then we will finish with anal, he makes sure I have at least one more orgasm before he finishes.

Take it slow the first time , like really slow, lots of lube and everytime he gets it in a little bit, stop and let yourself adjust before he goes in a bit deeper again, once his in as deep as you can handle just start with slow movements and hopefully you will both love it and can go deeper and harder from there.

Have a few drinks, some candles make it special, so very very worth it

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 Thank you for your response, really appreciate it!

Will try your tips etc and see what happens 👍🏼

All best 😊

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I didnt like it. I thought it felt wrong. Kind if felt abit gay for my partner, i kept thinking why does he like the butt

I'm a sex worker and i let strangers f**k my arse, take a shit first, use lube and relax.

 Same, but I put a little lidocaine on the outside to take the edge off.
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 Sex is beautiful when it is between husband and wife. It allows for the expression of love, not only mere sexual pleasure.
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We have done it a few times, i find the best position for me is ontop of him. Every other position hurts except that one and i have to be really into it and relaxed. Invest in coconut oil its an awesome lube, expecially if you react to traditional lubes. You only need a small amount and its good for the skin as well. It does get easier and less painfull the more you do it and make sure you go slow to start.

It's a bit hit & miss for me, sometimes it's amazing and other times painful and meh. We don't do it very often at all.

We do it sometimes, he is always putting a finger in and licks it which is so good. Sometimes anal is nice sometimes I just do it for him