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Would you let your husband go to a strip club?

Why yes / why no?


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My husband would love to go to a strip club. I told him I don't mind as long as he doesn't mind me going to see male strippers. That changed his mind on it cause he doesn't want me to see male strippers lol. I knew that would be his answer and I'm glad because personally I don't agree with strip clubs when you're in a relationship

He doesn't need my permission. He's not a child and I'm not his mother. But if you're asking would I have an issue with it, no I wouldn't.

 You have no self respect
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 Maybe she actually totally trusts her husband, and knows he wouldn't be unfaithful.

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 Yes sounds like she has alot of self respect & confidence in herself & her relationship. People who have a problem with it are just insecure.
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I don't get why you think it's OK for your man to lust over another woman? A dumb woman once told me that she doesn't care where he gets his appetite from as long as he comes home to eat.
That is just sick. You want to stare at other women's bodies and fantasise about them? You're in your own. Lucky for me my husband is my King andi am his queen so why would he want to stare at another woman

 I feel the same.
I can't stand the saying "doesn't matter where he gets his appetite from as long as he comes home to eat". I've heard it a few times.

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 You ladies really think that our husbands stopped being human when they married you and stopped looking at other women? The way you make it sound is that their eyes never wander which is silly lol!
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 You must feel very insecure to stop a man going to a strip club.
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 Agreed very silly they are only human. I'm sure you've done the same yourself but maybe not subconsciously u c a hot guy at the beach or gym then get horny later when u c hubby?
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 I think there is a bit of a difference between checking out of the opposite sex or fantasy. Obviously we are all human and check out a hot fella/chick passing by, the odd fantasy about the hot tradie or whatever floats your boat....watching some porn together.. LOL but intentionally going to a venue as a voyeur, alone.. to sit there and fantasise and possibly throw away money or be danced on... there is a bit difference and some woman might not like that. While it doesn't bother me so much, I don't think it makes other women 'insecure' if it bothers them. Just difference of opinion/background. I don't think women should be labelled prudes either...I observe that women often sling that comment around to other women to perhaps make them feel a bit inferior. I think it depends on context also. Going there for the odd bucks night? The odd after work boys booze session....Or is it getting a bit excessive/out of hand? Maybe that's when women get concerned/have issues with it.
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I do have a problem with it. If you wouldn't want your daughter to become a stripper then don't support the exploitation of women for money by going along. I get that a lot of the women 'enjoy' doing it and feel empowered because they earn enough cash to do what they want to do but ultimately they often see the worst side of male behaviour and must lose some faith in men/relationships.

 My thoughts are they same....Before my daughter was here i never really thought or cared but now i believe its just exploiting women.
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 I don't see it as women being exploited, I see it as clever women getting money from stupid men.
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 How are they exploited? They choose to do it. It's not like they are forced onto a stage or a pole. You have to train to pole dance - so I guess they want to be there!
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 I wouldn't gaf if my daughters become strippers if that's what they want.
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 I dont want my daughter to grow up and have sex with boyfriends either but she's gonna grow up and be her own person, I'm certainly not going to abstain in some weird protest!
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No. So he can fantasise about her while sleeping with me?

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 Agreed I do that all the time! I'm sure he does it too!
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 You can't stop him looking at every woman, so what's stopping fantasising about them in bed?
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 Apparently it's healthy once in a while to fantasize about other people during sex.
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No its not ok. I've given him 2 beautiful children, I have treated this man like a god devoting every day to his happiness, for f#ck sake I wake at 4am to make him french toast or a strawberry shake for breakfast and lay his uniform out with a packed lunch and home made biscuits. If after all I do for him I'm still not enough he can pack his bags. He had plenty of time for strip clubs before me and entered into this contract of marriage fully agreeing to the terms. If I got caught getting a lap dance there would be hell to pay.
My best friend of 9 years works in a strip club and tells me all the stories. Hell nooooooo

 So do you do all that for your husband on the condition that he never looks at another woman?

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 Maybe you should stop doing all that for your husband if you're gonna hold it against him. That way you both can get your individuality back
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 I'd rather be waking at 4am to serve him breakfast than having him saunter in at 4am stinking of wh**e thanks. He doesn't cheat on me or go to places like that because he's a good man who loves me and wants me to be happy and knows that no 5 minute lapdance could even compare to the love we have and wouldn't ever do anything to hurt me.
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 This has probably set feminism back countless years 😯
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  lap dances are stupid. I'd punch my partner in the junk if he had one. For his stupidity. Lap dances make domestic violence against fuckhead men ok because men are stupid and deserve punches sometimes. Fact.

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 I don’t think it is asking too much for a man to be faithful to his wife. I am sure he expects her to be faithful. Married men do not belong in a strip club,nothing good ever comes of it. Although if married men stopped going to them they would have to shut their doors for lack of business. A man who truly loves his wife would not go to one.
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I wouldn't want him going in his own for a perv but on a bucks night is ok

 Yup totally depends on the circumstances. Id lose it if he just went alone to perv. Bt if he ended up there coz the people he was out with went then ok watevs.... coz ive done that b4 lol. Cant b a hypocrite....
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 True that would be weird and creepy.
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I can’t let my husband do or not do anything! If he is going to do something he will do it whether I like it or not! He doesn’t value my feelings about anything so it really doesn’t matter if I care if he goes,he will do it anyway. He has been going behind my back for years. So how do I feel about him going....... It shows he doesn’t love me! If he doesn’t love me then what do I care what he does.

 I could have wrote that word for word!!
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Absolutely!!! If he's got a great body, and he wants to go work in a strip club, that's a great way to earn extra money and he'll be motivated to keep in shape. You should go watch and it'll turn you on seeing other girls cheer him on.

You should never let him go watch girls at a strip club though, that's totally the opposite.

 Oh dear your poor husband. His only choices are to be exploited or not allowed to go as you 'shouldn't let him'.
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My husband has been to a couple for bucksnights. He came home and told me all about it, he looks but doesn't touch. I'm not the most confident person but this I wasn't too upset about. He mostly complained about the entry fee and cost of drinks etc.

My fiancé wouldn't because he doesn't want me to go to them... even for his bucks night he doesn't want strippers neither do i.... could have something to do with now he see's it as he wouldn't want some guys acting like that to our daughters when they are older. And his cousin was a stripper which turned him off them

Hubby has been a couple of times with mates. He's not that interested. I don't particularly like them - but it's ultimately up to him. I trust him, I just don't get the need to watch women parade around in very little and gyrate on stage for money.

No, I would not be happy about it. I consider it cheating for a married man to go to a strip club. No matter what he tells you he will get a lap dance. He will go into a private room with a nude stripper. He will do everything he can with her as long as he has the money to pay for it.No he won’t think he has done anything wrong. Yes he will be back many times. No there is nothing you can do to stop him.You either accept it or you divorce him.