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Who celebrates or goes trick or treating with their kids? Do you stay home and give out chocolates instead?


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I'm the grinch when it comes to Halloween. My kids have never been nor will they go truck or treating. I put a sign out saying don't bother knocking here or you'll get fruit on my door haha. It's an overcommecialised American tradition. Not for me sorry

 LOL. Literally everyone knows these days that its a celtic tradition and celebrated in lots of countries.
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 Its ok to not celebrate, most people look for decoration if trick or treating.
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 ^ what do you mean by “you’ll get fruit on my door”?
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 You must be a super fun parent.
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 Op of comment - my autocorrect went overboard with my sentence haha. If they knock here I will give them fruit. I don't really care where the tradition started, I won't be sucked into plying kids with sugar or having my kids knock on randoms doors and ask for treats. My kids gets enough sugar and junk at home as it is. Not sure how not celebrating Halloween make me 'not a fun mum'???
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 Not everyone is into Halloween, not a big deal. I don't understand why people feel they have to force their beliefs onto others. They aren't going to stop others celebrating, so it doesn't affect anyone else. Some don't celebrate Christmas, or have santa, it's no different to that.
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Love Halloween. I make a point of celebrating it because its fun and its a multicultural country, we are allowed to celebrate traditions we choose and anyway I have celtic heritage.

We hand out homemade treats (FYI you'd be surprised how many people accept and eat homemade treats, Jesus folks, I know I'm bot poisoning them, but how do you know that?) And watch halloween movies. Sometimes we have people over and have a little party. But usually we just dress up and hang out at home.

There are Haunted houses that kids can visit, so that's what we usually do. My kids play sport and they have a Halloween disco after sport this year too. We love Halloween 🎃

The kids dress up, I hide lollies around the house for them to find and we watch "scary" movies.

I wonder how many of the "I don't live in America" people also go to the pub on St Patricks day? You don't live in Ireland either.

Yeah the kids love to get dressed up and knock on doors truck or treating. It might be an American tradition but it doesn’t hurt to have fun with it. If ppl are against it they just don’t open their doors which is perfectly fine also.

 Its not just American its Scottish, irish, Canadian, eastern Europe and parts of asia.
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We love Halloween. We decorate the house. Hand out lolly bags and have a party.

I don’t celebrate it, but I do buy a couple of bags of chocolates/lollies to hand out if we get any trick or treaters. We never have so we end up eating them.
I dress my son up for the Halloween events at daycare because it’s fun and he’s 3 so he likes dressing up.

We dress up, and stay home. The front of the house is decorated so we get lots of kids coming past.

I don’t live in America

 It is originally an Irish tradition
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 And I bet you never eat McDonalds or KFC either, or watch American tv shows or use any American inventions?
My mum gets really aggressive about halloween. She's like this "no no no its an American thing" and tries to make everyone feel miserable about enjoying it. But the thing is, it's in the spirit of fun. We personally never hurt anyone with it, and it brings so much joy to kids.

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 I love it when people bring out the “I’m not American!” complaining 😂😂😂
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 Good for you... I don't live in America either but I celebrate Halloween.
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I don't normally do anything with it but this year I found this pumpkin tinsel That I think is adorable so I've decided I will decorate my dining room and have a Halloween dinner party with my fam, my kids want to go trick or treating with their friends, and I actually love pumpkin pie so that's what I'm doing. I need something fun to keep me feeling bright lol

We do up the yard with scary decorations and activities. My kids and the neighbors and any friends come over in costumes to eat and play. Anyone knocking for candy can join the party

Kids dress up and eat chocolates that way I don't have to deal with door knockers or take them out lol