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Do you laugh when new mums to be say can’t wait to meet him or her ?

I laugh on the inside and say to myself hello sleepless nights for 5 years
Toddler vomiting in bed and on you
My 3 year old came in my room last year and vomited on my face
Explosion poo and boys pissing in your face


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Im not a new mum, but no I don’t think that.. Yes, there are crap parts of parenting like the examples you gave. But the good outweighs the bad. And I’d be more concerned if a new mum wasn’t excited about becoming a parent. What a bitter, negative post.

 This. I would end up in tears nearly every night and ended up needing therapy because I was so scared to have a baby and I was convinced I wouldn't love it and that my life was ruined. Unplanned pregnancy (pill failure) and when I told my family instead of being met with excitement I was told to have an abortion because I was throwing my life away. I'm so glad I didn't listen because the second I laid eyes on my baby I was over taken with the strongest, most incredible love I have ever experienced and as soon as that first breath was taken I knew I would lay down my life for my child. Yes some parts are messy and exhausting, but I wouldn't change it for anything in the world
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No, it’s exciting as hell. Seeing their features, colours and what they look like

No, but my kids are teenagers so I can no longer relate to those feelings. When my kids were younger, I could remember how excited I was for them to arrive. Now Im older and cynical and i just excited when my kids shower or use deodorant 😅

Of course not I think how wonderful they are excited to meet their baby and embark on this new amazing adventure. And it is amazing and wonderful even with those parts you mentioned. Think you need to rethink your attitude talk to gp as you sound very focused on the negatives in life

I don’t think what you are thinking, but I do struggle to connect with such statements...also the whole “we’re excited to announce’ is hard for me, unless it’s IVF, that seems different to me. I just can’t relate, usually I gravitate away from those people.. The whole I’m excited thing is usually a fake expression to me, it’s quite American and often used in situations I don’t think the person is really excited, unless it’s a nervous sort of excitement.

 I don’t understand. Why aren’t people allowed to feel excited? How is it fake? Are you saying only those who conceived via ivf are allowed to feel excited?
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 I lived in Canada for a few years, it seemed to me that most were excited about everything, except they were depressed and would always pike.. So yes I have difficulty connecting with such a statement, it’s my personal experience. I didn’t say it was always fake, but When people around me say it, more often than not it is used as a reflexive comments rather than a genuine one. If you still don’t understand that’s fine.
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 ^ but isnt it natural to be excited about a new baby? I think the fact you struggle to connect with that is your issue . And nope, I most definitely do not understand.
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