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Would you be upset if you found out another woman masturbates over you?


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I'd be flattered 😁

You can't control people's brains you know.

What? How would you even find this out? Is this really something someone would tell you...?

 This was my question!!! Has someone told you? Or are you planning on telling someone you do this....

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Do you literally mean “ over you”? Coz if I woke up to find a woman on top of me playing with herself I’d probably be a little freaked out.

I would be a little turned on if I found that out. I wouldn’t act in it as I have a partner but who cares what other fantasise about. I fantasise about a lot of men when I masturbate. Sometimes ones I’ve slept with, some I haven’t, some are even married. It doesn’t mean anyone will act on it.

I think "upset" would be an overreaction. Weirded out maybe, but not upset.

Well that would depend on lots of things now wouldn't it.
My husband and I are swingers and are on two different swinging sites and I have plenty of photos of me on there so under that circumstances then no

What about finding out a man does (not a bf or husband)

No. Why would I? I’m not going to sleep with her.