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Do you smoke weed? Like how much? And how much is too much?
I smoke one joint at night, but I want to stop.. it's become a habit now, and I also like the feeling of being so relaxed. But I've become a bit dependent on it of an evening. I do not ever smoke through the day. I work and do lots of different activities, bit of an evening I like a joint. Please share your stories, advice or opinions..


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I don’t do drugs or cigarettes but I have stopped drinking (just one of an evening with a meal), stopped caffeine (up to 3-4 per day). I’m in the process of giving up processed sugar ( that includes chocolate).

You have developed a habit to stop it go cold turkey, tell yourself you are not going to smoke it anymore. Have a ritual where you finish the weed you have. promise yourself not to buy anymore. Remove it from the house. If you do regress try stopping again and again until your mind is strong enough. I play tricks on my mind by saying I am 4 weeks in -even though the first two weeks I caved in and the fourth week hasn’t finished - basically I have gone a week without sugar but you have to convince yourself and see yourself a month or more without it. You might want to substitute your evening joint with a Camomile tea it will relax you and help with anxiety and sleep. The trigger you have is getting ready for bed you need a new routine so this is why the tea works.

Also be clear why you want to stop and keep reminding yourself of that goal often or when you think about smoking. I have lost a lot of weight and exercise but I can’t get a flat stomach because of all the sugar and chocolate so I remind myself of how happy I will be when my stomach is flat. You need a reason or goal of why you are stopping otherwise it is too easy to give in.

 Next I'll give up eating in general
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I don’t but I know people that depend on it and then find it’s not enough and have ventured into further using of ‘harder’ drugs. To be honest I’ve got an addictive personality so I don’t touch even weed. Found out the hard way with cigarettes but don’t go near those anymore either. Coffee is my only addiction but will try and kick that so I can be addiction free lol I’m not perfect just sharing honest experiences

OP Thank you! Finally a valid response! I really appreciate your honesty. I don't crave for any other drug, nor do I ever want to. I love weed, I don't drink, so I always tell myself "lots of people have a few drinks of an evening (which I don't even care if they do, totally their choice) , I have a joint and watch tv and go to bed" and I feel relaxed and happy (I suffer with anxiety and it's nice to have a few hours before bed to give my brain a rest) anyway I guess I'm just looking for advice and opinions, so thanks for sharing.
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 Was told it’s a herb and not a drug
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 Well if you are ok with it; in terms of others drink wine so it’s ok to have weed. Sounds like you are validating the choice.
If you want to give it up, remember there are other ways to manage anxiety (I have bad anxiety but know drugs are not the right choice for me taking up other activities like yoga meditation or just other things in general are a better idea for me) so have a think about what you want to do and go with it!!

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I used too. Many years ago (about 8years) I would smoke a stick a night ( bong) and it was bloody hard to give up I won't lie. For 2 weeks I struggled to sleep but I got there and you will too!!! Good luck.

Have you tried NA (narcotics anonymous)

OP I hadn't thought of that, no, thank you.
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 Good luck xx
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I used to, before I had kids and hubby still does when kids are in bed. I will have an occasional glass of wine now and I don't see anything wrong with either be honest. I'm quite an anxious person and for me smoking weed really helped to the point I'm thinking of starting up again

OP Thankyou for your reply! I only do it once the kids are in bed. I just don't want to do it every night. I think I'm ok with it, I just want to able to control it, not let it control me?? Does that make sense? On the nights I don't have it, I'm totally fine, but I enjoy it so much... I'm feeling conflicted and I guess I just wanted some different points of view.
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Loses smoke weed and cigarettes

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OP Thanks for your honesty
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 Judge much?
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 You can't spell either. Now who's the loser??
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 Are you the fitspo vegan that's angry at everyone who's not a fitspo vegan?
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 Wtf is fitsbo vegan?
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