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What to buy a 12 year old boy for Christmas??? Help an Aunty out!


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a nice cap
bluetooth speakers
water bottle with fav logo

A leatherman? A tool set?

 My son has been wanting a leatherman for ages. Good answer.
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iTunes card

 Do kids still use iTunes? Honest question
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 They sure do, for heaps of different stuff.
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His favourite sporting teams shirt/ jersey
Basketball hoop
Fishing gear
Bluetooth speaker
Movie vouchers

Depends on what he does. My 13yr old nephew is into his playstation so I usually just get him a PS gift card or a new controller etc and he loves that because parents won't spend too much on it (rightfully so) but I'm the Aunt so who cares haha

My parents give my son huge elaborate 1000 plus pieces lego kits. They are great for school holidays. We have a meter tall hulk buster iron man guy that took 4 days of piece and quiet.

I have a 12 Yr old son and I'm struggling too!! The stuff he wants I won't buy (TV for his room etc) he already has a phone, xbox etc. If he's a gamer I'd buy xbox or PlayStation vouchers. I found a cool slogan TShirt on redbubble that had the Nike tick with a sloth lying on that said just do it.... Later. Thought that was appropriate haha. If he's sporty, a new rugby, soccer or basketball etc. Into YouTube? Get him some merch from his favourite YouTuber. A Phone case and pop socket.