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Slow cooker frozen meat question

Before I get into the issue, yes I know that I shouldn't have put frozen meat in there. But I'm 7 months pregnant and woke up craving for sticky ribs. Our microwave is on the blink and it would take me all day and night to defrost these ribs the old fashioned way. So I'm doing them in the slow cooker. Now, I've got it on high and have all day to let them cook.

I know that fresh/defrosted/thawed they'd only need 4 hours on high, but do you think they'll cook (from frozen) in 6 hours? Or am I looking at the full 8? I don't mind either way, as it's early enough to allow both, but would prefer not to have them over cooked. That's all. What are your experiences with slow cooking frozen meat?


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2 reasons not to put frozen meat in slow cooker
1. It can break the insert. Just like pouring cold water in a hot glass dish or putting ice in a hot glass, the ceramic part can crack or shatter. I've never had it happen, but i know some who have.
2. Bateria! The meat defrosts very unevenly this way, allowing it to become contaminated. Especially dangerous to a pregnant woman.

For next time, there are easy quick methods to defrost meat. Put the sealed package under cold running water, 15 mins or so (depends on thickness). Place on counter sandwiches between 2 aluminum cookie sheets, about an hour, less for thinner cuts. Put frozen meat in boiling water. Boil until fully cooked (recommend using a meat thermometer),and then, immediately grill with your favorite sauce.

The meat takes too long to get to the correct temp if frozen, the bacteria breeds and is a risk of food poisoning. Cooking it longer won't make any difference. If you are craving ribs it's up to you, but please don't give it to your family.

You arent supposed to cook frozen meat in slow cookers full stop unless properly thawed. I wouldnt eat it at all if pregnant, but if you must, do 8 hours on high.

I have always put frozen meat in the slowcooker, if its not fozen it cooks to quickly in mine we have never had an issue i honestly think it depends on the type of slow cooker you have, mine seems to cook on a higher temp which is really annoying as things that say 6 hours are done in low in half that.

Can you share your recipe? I’m not doing too well with my slow cooker after months of different recipes I’ve only got 3 good ones. I’ve also read it many places do not use frozen meat in the cooker....

OP My plan was to just coat them in the bbq sauce (whichever you have on hand although I bought the Jack Daniels brand one) and slow cook them. I ended up still doing that but instead of in the slow cooker I wrapped them in foil and did it on the bbq.
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Thanks for your responses ladies. I ended up just pulling them out of the slow cooker and trying to defrost them in the microwave (which worked for a change), and doing them on the bbq 🙂