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Child's friend's birthdays

How much does everyone spend on their children's friend's presents?


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I buy half price stuff at smiggle after Xmas. Stock up. Give $20 worth of stuff that cost me $10.

$20 for good friends. $10 and a chocolate bar for randoms.

Depends, if they're good friends, $20-30, if not the cheaper the better.
I also gauge the present on the party too; parties that are at play centres etc where the parent has paid for our attendance I usually spend the same on the gift as the cost of our attendance so around $30.
I loathe park parties where the entire class is invited!

$20 to $30 ... but try to keep as close to $20 as possible.

No more than $10, there are soo many parties and I am a sole parent, so not made of money. I have 3 there can be a few parties per weekend.

$20 on school kids, up to $50 for close friends and relatives

I just spent $50 today. I dont mind spending abit

 What? I have a husvand not a sugardaddy? And i never said anything about $500 for 10 kids? It was $50 for 1 kid... the present was a barbie n horse thing set for $35 and a hatchimal pack for $18... geeez not a big deal...
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$10 to $20
Cause my daughter is 8 and has 20 birthday parties a year