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Can someone please tell me how a mining roster pay works? (more detail in comments)

Hi. I am wanting to know please how the pay structure works on the week off. So if for example your roster is 7/7, do you get paid for the week you are home? Or are you only essentially receiving pay for two weeks out of a month? So your salary is based on 6 months work not a full year? Thankyou in advance for any information regarding this :)


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My husband works a 2 weeks on 1 week off. He is on salary and gets paid fortnightly. He works extra hrs on his 2 weeks to allow him to have 1 week off with pay.

how do you calculate 7 days on 7 days off in the mines with 5 weeks holidays

If you are doing Wednesday to Tuesday, really you should get 4 days pay one week (wed-sat) and then 3 days pay the following week (sun-tues)

If you think of it like a regular job- there are 7 days in a week but you only work 5. You only get paid for 5 days, not your two off.
If you're salary it doesn't matter- your pay will always be the same every cycle. Otherwise you only get paid for the hours you work.

Youll find alot of mining jobs are paid monthly.

 Thanks for your response. I understand that, but would you get paid for 2 weeks work? Or the whole month? (even though you are having two weeks off a month)
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 The days you work. But they are generally working 12 hr days so in 2 weeks (if on 7 on 7 off roster) they work 84 hrs whereas soneone working 5 days a week doing 8 hrs a day only works 80 hrs in a fortnight.

However having 7 days off in a row every 2nd week can be quite attractive to some.

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My hubby did 3:3 out of the country. He got paid only for the 3 weeks. Not the 3 he was home but worked out because the pay was massive.

In a huge Mining in Papua New Guinea, Barrick Gold Limited, you get paid when you are on-site and you also get paid when you are off-site as long as you are a National or International Hire. If you are a local hire, meaning you are not on FIFI or DIDO provided by the company, you are only paid for the hours you worked. Employees come under different categories. A domestic or local hire is not paid when he is on break. A elite being hired on qualifications and is on FIFO or DIDO, is still paid during his break.

You only get paid for the hours you are physically working. You do not get paid for your time off.

You get paid for the hours you auctually work. I don't understand why you would expect otherwise.
7days on and 7 days off is pretty much the same income as a regular 9-5 job because they generally do the same hours as two weeks squashed into one.

Some like the idea of 7 days off in a row but in reality once you add in travel for fifo and the time they usually spend catching up on sleep the 7 off goes fast. Hopefully you don't need to pay for any travel whatsoever as even travel to our closest airport adds up fast.

3 weeks on (or more) 1 week off is the roster seen as making good money.

It's not difficult husband works 7/7 gets paid 15th of every month you don't get paid for his weeks off (pretty sure no job pays you for the day's your not rostered) so from the 15th-15th is about 4weeks he works so 4weeks pay he gets.