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Do you cuckold your husband?

Answered 10 months ago

I have been married for five years, and been cuckolding my husband all that time. He gets off coming home from work and finding me fucking another man in our bedroom. Hey also gets off on me denying him my pussy, and I get off on my husband masterbating all the time as the only sexual release he will get. Do any other wives cuckold their husbands as I do?

  • I cuckold my husband but don't denied my pussy

  • I cuckold my husband and he is denied my pussy permanently.

  • I don't cuckold my husband

  • I incurage my cuckold husband to masterbate rather than fuck me.

  • I cuckold my husband and sometime he is denied my pussy


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10 months ago
What's incurage? Some weird sex thing?


10 months ago
I just thought she meant encourage

10 months ago
Nah, I couldn't do it. Although, the older I get the more adventurous I get.

10 months ago
Not my thing. As I've matured though I've learnt that everyone has a different ideas on everything.

10 months ago
Each to their own, but I am pretty sure this powerplay would end in a relationship breakdown for most couples. Out of interest, does this ever cause conflict?