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A mum has been roasted for giving her son an unconventional birthday gift She presented him with a cookie jar filled with money, condoms and gum The party pack also came with miniature bottles of vodka and Jack Daniels Some say the gift is 'weird' and have asked who would give their child condoms

What’s your opinion ?


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I think it's fine for an 18th and not that out of the ordinary really??? I mean, fancy assuming your 18 year old is probably going to have sex and drink? If they were giving it to their 12 year old then different story. The gift is age appropriate.

Condoms = safer sex
I'm totally happy with her bday present choice

Talk about a beat up😂..I saw the original post on a kmart facebook page and majority of the comments from people were positive. Like with everything on the internet there was a few negative Nelly's who thought that the world would come to an end if they didn't share their opinion but this mother was not 'roasted for her gift idea for her son!!

How old is the child?
Condoms are sensible and practical, if your child is obviously old enough and engaging in sexual activity.

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 Depending on their family dynamics, I don't think it's weird. If you have a good relationship with open communication with your children, it's not weird
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Depends, how old is the kid? Condom is definitely weird though. Wouldn’t get that no matter what age.
My son is 16, loves money...occasional drinking and sex.
Having said that I wouldn’t gift him alcohol or condoms but I have given him money to drink when he’s at a party so he can chip in for whatever they’re buying. This is only once every 1-2 months.

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 ^this! 🙏 18.
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I’d rather give my teenage son a packet of condoms than become a grandma

My daughter just turned 16 and i served her bday cake with condoms...

Why are people so weird about their kids growing up and having sex?!

 Really 😤
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 Why are people weird about their children having safe sex? That's the real question. I think both my children have condoms in their rooms, that they bought with friends, probably more for a laugh and to look at more than anything. I know they aren't having sex yet but I'm glad at least they are planning on being cautious
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 You’re a bogan
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 A Bogan because you would rather your children have safe sex than end hook with stis or unplanned pregnancy?
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 Yes true, why are people so weird about their children growing up and having safe sex? Its age appropriate about age 16/17/18 + for people to start thinking about or engaging in sex. As a parent of a 16 year old i would start to feel concerned if sex wasnt on the agenda for her, i want her to have the greatest sex ever, at a time that suits her, as safely as possible.
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I went to school with a guy who's mum gave him a pack of condoms for his 16th. We at the time we're all mortified but thinking back now it was probably a really good thing.

I think it's fine. They obviously have a very open relationship, he must have felt comfortable telling her that he is sexually active and she's obviously speaking to him about being safe. Good on her. She's not ready for grand kids yet haha