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Advice when lonely and no one to confide in

Answered 5 days ago

Where’s the best place to go to for advice or just to vent when you’re lonely and stuck in an unhappy marriage with no one to confide in? Not suicidal, can’t afford counselling and ringing Lifeline seems a bit extreme. I wish I had a sister I could just ring or meet up with for a cry and a chat when everything becomes too much. Lots of mutual mum friends but no one super close. I didn’t grow up in this area so have always felt quite disconnected and have tried to establish closer friendships but they always fizzle out.

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5 days ago
I don’t have answer for you, however I have felt the same at times. Sending hugs. 🤗❤️

9 days ago
Definitely ring Lifeline, they can help with a listening ear. Also try Relationships Australia. There also could be some groups to join online to chat or consider joining some local clubs for connection.