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Lost my job after 2 DAYS?!?!

Need to get this off my chest...
I started a new job as a HR manager at an organization which literally begged me to
Choose them over another 2 job offers. It was all good the first two days and then I get a phone call the next day saying there was a restructure in the office and my job is no longer needed...I left my employment and rejected the other two offers for this role and they piss me off after the second day? I am livid and need to know if I am AIBU to demand answers and request a replacement job? Give me your opinions ladies...


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A HR manager who doesn’t know what to do in the case of wrongful termination... hmmm...

OP I know my rights. Don’t need the HR perspective. I just need opinions and experiences as even in HR a restructure after the second day is unheard of!
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 Guess you now know how it feels when the BOOT is on the other FOOT.

Suck it up tough girl. Think KARMA.

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 I find this a little harsh. People go into HR because they genuinely care about people and their co workers.
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 Are you sure about that. Research shows it's actually because of a lust for power and 76% indicate psychopathic tendencies when tested.
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 Listen to them yelling "I KNOW MY RIGHTS". Then looking for some type of direction.
No moral compass, no empathy. Unfortunately that is just how it is with people attracted to these positions. No use trying to change it.

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 ^^ Actually you are wrong.

The research showed that 82% were psychopaths.

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You should pursue it. Definitely. Not just because what was done to you was wrong, and uncharitable, but because unless people stand up to this , the irresponsible employers get away with it. You should also see an employment specialist lawyer.
As HR you may know your rights, but that doesn't guarantee that you will be treated fairly.
Do you have an employment contract ? Was there anything in it about termination conditions ?
A decent payout and looking for another job might be the best option if the organisation is this incompetent.

OP That’s exactly right! I know from HR perspective but doesn’t mean it was an ethical decisions or morally acceptable! I am calling them today to get more information as they didn’t have the decency to tell me either; they told the recruiter who originally passed off my information to tell me and when I pressed her to ask for more information they said they were bound my confidentiality. It’s a massive joke!
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 If you are not happy with the eventual outcome, I would consider going to A Current Affair, so they get publicly shamed. It seems to be the only redress avenue or complaints mechanism for most large organisations.
People go through all the right channels, get absolutely nowhere for months or years, and suddenly when what they have done is made public, they make a payout, or refund, or cancel outrageous and unconscionable bills. Like magic !
When I say consider, I mean look at the pros and cons of doing so.
A bully manager in the industry I was in bullied staff out of their roles, but they were advised that even though they had a very good case, they needed to consider the impact that standing up for their rights would have on their future employability in the industry.

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 Some areas of the charity industry are starting to resemble massive scams. Their "charity collector" employees are mostly on "performance" contracts. And their behaviour is more like muggers than anything else.
The managers are on enormous salaries, often with no qualifications. In many, of the dollars collected, only a small proportion get to the clients.
Many have just become money making machines.
Probably not a good industry to work in anyway, except for a select few.

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OP Thanks ladies!

To PP that’s interesting, it would make sense as they seem to go through management like a revolving door, they had 4 different CEO in 1 year and now I can see why, they obviously have something wrong in the’s all so upsetting as this charity was close to my heart and I was really excited about being able to finally give back to the community through knowledge and experience...

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 A current affair 😂
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I’m guessing it’s in the probation period so they can get rid of you. But technically, if they’ve told you it’s a restructuring then you could go for losses but it will probably be a long drawn out process and you won’t get much severance pay, or you might get a $20 K settlement to get rid of you quietly is my guess. I’m sorry this happened to you. Threaten a current affairs show and see if they offer you a payout

OP That’s correct, within probation all they need is to provide or pay out one weeks notice but that doesn’t pay my loss of job offers, respect and dignity during this process
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 I went through this too. While I was on probation they (upper mgmt) did an audit of all administrative positions across the company. My direct manager assured me I was safe due to xyz (long statement). About 2 weeks later I got terminated.
It is absolutely devastating and demoralising the worst thing I have ever been through.
I took me about 2 months to find an entry level job again and about another 4-6 months to be promoted.

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Wow I wrote a huge post about why you should choose woolies but everyone was all like yay work for BMW or what fu****g ever so I didn't press send.. sorry this happened to you.

OP Thank you for your response
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Can you get back into either of those other jobs you were offered, or have they been filled now?

Ya should have chose woolies!

OP Haha yes I should of...
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 Should have*, even
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 But as HR, you’d be better suited to know for sure if you have a case or not??
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 Second to read my comment again?
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 Sorry, I see you were not correcting me 😂
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I do know my rights, it’s more of a place to rant and see if ethically I should press on for more information or just get opinions on if this has happened to anyone...

ps, it wasn’t Volvo or woolies that did this to me, it was actually a not for profit (charity) organisation which I chose as I wanted to give back to the community...I ended up being screwed over in the process