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How long does it take to get a Medicare rebate back

Answered 3 months ago

I lodged a Medicare claim 2 weeks ago still nothing I rung them Sunday night he said it has been processed n it'll be in my account in a couple of days ! Today is Friday n still nothing!!!

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3 months ago
I have had all mine lodged electronically within 24 hours. Even large ones. I regularly claim the only time one was held up was when the company did it wrong and the money was sent to them even after I paid them in full


3 months ago
I add to my above that my rebates that are quick are for scans, tests, private admissions, public and private services and specialists. It has no relevance what it’s from or to do with. Make sure they haven’t made an error

3 months ago
What is the rebate for? Was it for a scan or a procedure? Was it in a hospital or a private clinic?