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Who loves bacon and alcohol?


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I. A vegetarian that gets migraines so I'm out. My husband, however, would trade me for the right amount of bacon and whiskey! Lol

I'm a vegetarian, so no to bacon, but alcohol, let's just say we have a very close relationship ;)

 You have the alcohol I have the bacon and together we can be happy
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 Your on :)
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Yes to bacon, no to alcohol. Occasional drinks but not every week. Bacon could do every day! (You don't win friends with salad! As the Simpsons say)

 I can confirm that you don't make friends with salad
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Oh you love torturing animals? Good person you are...

 I love little baby tortured cow the best but it is so expensive so bacon takes priority
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Mmmmm I love non halal foods

 Halal takes the fun out of life
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