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Step mum

I was a step child and when my step mum moved in she started acting like she was my real mum
My real mum committed suicide when I was 5 found out when I was 12
My step mum came into my life when I was 6 and didn’t understand why I didn’t want to bake cakes and go for a walk with her
Why do some step mums Rush into trying to be a mum figure even if the kids have a mum


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Would you prefer she just ignored you? Locked you in your rooman d pretended you didnt exist?

Let the child come to you
Same with cats and dogs let them come to you

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 Are you comparing children to cats and dogs?
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This is only your perception of the situation. Be glad she loved you and was nice to you.

I hate this too. I had a Step mother who thankfully hated me so there was no chance of her getting in my space but my kids are onto their 3rd step mother and 2 of them have tried this over bearing "I'm your new mum" crap. Neither of them had kids but the one that respected them does have kids, so I think that has something to do with it. I'm also quite certain my ex fills these womens heads with enough crap to believe I'm a shit mum so they feel the need to fill the void in my kids lives. I am now a Step mother myself and I am careful I don't do anything that crosses the line.

 Dealing with this now my daughter is onto her 3rd also and this one just turned 21! And because she is a child carer apparently according to dad is better than a mother as she knows everything to do! HA! no offence but caring for kids in a centre during the day is no where near being a parent
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I made mistake by trying to build a happy family with my step kids and backfired on me.
My life has been hell for 5 years.
My kids do chores my step kids don’t have to do chores.