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Does any one get random bleeding after their period, like it feels like it's finished there is nothing there for a day or so then randomly more? Not sure if this is part of period or something else as the blood is bright. This is my first period after coming off the pill and used to skip periods due to migraines, so I've got no idea what is normal for me


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Cervical cancer symptoms

 No, it is not. You cruel person.
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I had irregular periods for a while after I came off the pill.

OP oh thanks for sharing, it's so confusing because I often had light bleeding between when on the pill which I'm sure the doctor referred to as spotting / break through bleeding (I think, cant remember what term she used) etc. but now this off the pill still so yeah. Cheers perhaps it will settle
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Pretty normal for me but I have adenomyosis and endometriosis.

OP can I was what is adenomyosis?
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 So endometriosis is where the endometrial lining cells grow outside of the uterus. Because they are still affect by hormones they then do the same growing and bleeding every month like the cells that line the uterus, only the body often attacks the bleeds outside the uterus and causes scar tissue. Adenomyosis is where these cells have grown into the muscle wall of the uterus again doing the same growing and bleeding but because it is in the muscle no scar tissue is formed but instead it continues to perforate the muscle wall. Adenomyosis is often mistakenly diagnosed for fibroids or even worse uterine cancer. It can be shrunk with stopping hormones but that is only temporary. A hysterectomy is the only cure for Adenomyosis
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 Fkn hell its hard being a woman ..
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OP thanks for explaining, i'd realised I'd asked but could have actually just bloody googled haha I must have been in 'convo mode', asking as though I'm speaking to you haha
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hi only 35 so not sure the menopause thing fits

  Hi OP, early onset menopause is a real thing, but I'm not sure if this is a symptom of it. Best idea is to see your doctor when you can.
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This is my normal for my period. I will get it for three days, stop for a day and then it comes back for two days. This can be normal but it is always best to check with your doctor. I did and it was fine but it isn’t always for everyone.

OP I had a papsmear about a year ago while still on the pill and all was ok, thanks for your response
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