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Creating an office space ideas?

I need some ideas on Creating an office space, especially now that I am studying. I don't have a spare room. And not sure whether to create a space in our master bedroom or in the front living room (we have two main living areas one is combined with the kitchen other is seperate). Anyone have any ideas which would you choose?


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Keep it out of your master bedroom!!! A lot of sleep problems stem from having a ‘busy’ room. Keep it your area for sleep/other activities ;)
And make ur office at the back of your lounge. Bring a couch forward about 1-2 metres, put a small/skinny table/desk against back wall and chair there. Instant ‘office’

Mines in my kids playroom where it was the only. Spot to go. Kids know to stay away and not play near it and they do a good. Job of staying away.

I have a desk in my room but mostly use the kitchen table 😂😂😂 I like to watch Netflix while studying

In the living room.
I like having a bedroom being just a bedroom.

But also depends do you have kids that will be disrupting you while studying?

We have a desk in the lounge room that I use to study. But I don’t study when the kids are awake so having it out here works for me.