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Help! Cruise ship tips please.

We are going on our very first cruise on August. (p&o 4 days). I need every tip and all the advice you can think of... It's actually our first holiday on our own. So please help. I'd like it to be as smooth and enjoyable as possible. TIA.


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Yep first tip is cancel your P&O trip and go with another cruise line....disgusting cruise line 💩😷😖

Take evening wear. Dress codes apply after certain times.
Find out if they're having any theme nights that you may need different attire for.
Don't take your own alcohol.
Be prepared to spend a bit of cash on board.
Go to the shows!!
Have fun.

There will be more food than you could even possible imagine eating, And buying a drinks package works out well in pricing and eliminates any nasty surprises

Hand sanitiser all the way, seasick medicine and gastro stop just in case

A lot of ships have a no cash policy on board so pay attention to what you're spending. Seasickness wrist bands.