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How do you feed yourself well when you and your sister have a collective weekly food budget of $60 and she can't eat wheat or rice. Have any ideas?

She works, I'm a uni student. We sharehouse. I can only afford to contribute 25-30 a week to the household shopping. It's easier to cook for two. I have no dietary requirements, but, like I said, she has some that can severely raise the cost of food.


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Potatoes with different fillings - baked, mashed, boiled…
Lentils - as the basis for salads and curries.
Cauliflower rice - a little cauliflower goes a long way.
Soups - different veg and whatever bits of meat or chicken you can afford - potato, leek and bacon is a cheap and tasty soup.

 I forgot to add for lunches - corn thins are quite tasty and cheap as an alternative to bread, leftovers from dinner, yoghurt when it is on sale, tinned beans or chick peas with some salad veg.
Also, you don't have to eat the same as her. For example, make a nice pumpkin and chick pea curry and cook some rice. A little cauliflower rice in the microwave for her, both of you have 'curry' over rice and you can take the leftover rice to work for lunch.
Buy a loaf of cheap wheat bread and freeze it - take a out a couple of slices for your lunch and it will thaw for work, but leave the more expensive wheat-free bread or corn thins for your sister.

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 Depending on her issue with certain food, you will have to be extemely mindful of cross contamination if you decide to keep regular bread and rice around.
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There are some organisations that do a huge box of groceries for $30-40. Depending on your location. If you can't get anything then slow cooker is a great idea. I made enough for 3 nights for about $15 for my husband, myself and the kids.

You can grate a cauliflower and keep it in the fridge for about a week. You can use it to replace rice. I use it with curries,make paella, or whatever else you can think of.

 To make the "rice" just microwave for a couple of minutes with a tablespoon of water drizzled over. Then serve.
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Uh... why can't she pay more? I mean, I get that you're sharing, but as sisters, does a few extra dollars matter? I've never shared with family, but with friends etc and we just did our own food. I found stir fry to be a good, economical meal, no need for rice etc. Aldi is good for staples, particularly cleaning products and toiletries.

What are the dietary issues she has? If we knew, we may be able to offer suggestions for alternatives

 Read the heading
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 Yeah? It says she can't eat wheat or rice. I was asking why? It could be Coeliacs, or a gluten intolerance. Maybe you should read the header
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Broccoli, Carrots and Potato (generally the cheap veggies) Grilled chicken (pack of 1kg chicken breasts is cheap and she can change it up by using different spices on it), you can usually get single pork chops for $3-4 or pieces of steak for less than $10, Eggs and Bacon, Salads, Tin Tuna, Ham?
My youngest daughter is a celiac and we've cut out all gluten and wheat at home. There are alternative products now but some can be expensive, but Woolworths has their own select range of gluten and wheat free cereals for a decent price. She can get veggie and coconut chips for snacks as well.
$60 is quiet a decent amount to feed one person a week. I feed all 6 of us on $170 max a week and that includes breakfasts, lunch and dinners for the week. Just have to be creative.

Cous cous (can she have that)? Oats, polenta, potatoes, eggs, go fishing, nuts, grains, cheap vegetables, if nothing else go see St Vincent de Paul and tell them your predicament, they may be able to help you out with a basics card.

 Haha I just Googled what cous cous is made of. Wheat rolled in wheat. Sorry, ignore that part. My bad.
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 They have gluten free cous cous now.
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 The gluten free couscous is terrible, I think. It's like eating very coarsest ground corn meal.
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Try potatoes, quinoa, or make your own bread with safe flours

If you can, join a co-op or find a bulk buy store. Work out what works for you both (I'm not gf but friends are and use almond meal a lot so buy it in 10kg bags) and meal plan!!! Meal plan is so important to minimise waste. You can make crackers from seeds and chia etc. start googling recipes.

Oats, cheap and filling.

 If she can't have wheat, she may have coeliac's and most of these can't eat oats either. Too much cross contamination. Not saying that's the case here.
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