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Hi everyone With Christmas rapidly approaching; if you are hosting lunch what are you serving? And any fresh upbeat ideas for decorating? Not the usual red green gold etc. Thanks ladies!


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I use silver and bright summer colors to decorate. I also have an open door all day so anyone can pop by and stay as long as they like. Brunch is up from 1030 til 2. I have a sliced ham, mini quiches, pastry, fruit and veggie salads, etc. I keep sandwich stuff, dips and snack trays, cookies and treats available all day. For supper i do a large goose and prime roast with all the sides. That goes out around 6. From 8 pm on dessert is available or any leftovers you want.

I love that friends and family pop in and out all day. As a child, my parents dragged us all over creation, all day. I never have to pull my kids away from their gifts 9r force them into fancy clothes to spend their holiday uncomfortable and bored at some ancient relatives' apartment. We see everyone throughout the day and are a haven for parents that have been rushing around. I keep play clothes around in all sizes, have the pool ready, and lots for kids to do to blow off steam. L

6 pack of coronas

 ❤️ Hell yeah
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A large baked ham
Roast chicken
Potato salad
Green salad
Wine for adults & fruit punch for the children in one of those old big glass bowl with heavy glass cups.
Guests bring beer and their favourite deserts
Table settings are just white plates and normal cutlery, with a plastic central fir sprig setting that holds a fat red candle.
For a Christmas tree last year I did something different: an old tree branch with my own rosemary and thyme branches threaded through, with a long string of those little tiny Aldi lights (battery powered).
Terracotta saucers with pine cones sprinkled with glitter or white snow. Sitting in them.
Cost me nothing. And the kids loved the novelty of it.

Christmas is cheeky, and likes to sneak up on you. Don't let it win!

We usually do a decent spread with the following;
Roast Chicken
Roast Pork
Potato Salad
Pasta Salad
Garden Salad
Greek Salad
Bread Rolls

We usually have a nice big grazing platter with cheeses, veggies, fruits, cold meats etc

I am not a big sweets person so I usually ask guests to bring desserts or a punch/drink to share (eggnog, cocktail mixer etc)

 Wow are you my twin sister? We do pretty much the same except a turkey instead of the chicken and pork. I might add a greek salad this year, yum, thanks!
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Still a little over 4 months to go. Ive not go given a thought get

I will be alone as its my exes turn to have the kids. So just a antipasto plate and some wine.

 Bummer. But indulge yourself and pamper yourself. I hope you have a beautifully relaxing day.
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 Big hugs 🥰
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We do white and sandy tones with mint accents.
We have big salads, some cold kfc, oysters and prawns.
That’s if we host (everyone brings something too) at mum n dads it’s that and then some, a big ham too and just shit loads of food, marsbar slice,
Will have a cheese platter
A lot of alcohol.

Are you a Kmart mum ?

 Bloody oath I am!!! And proud of it!!
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