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Husband doesn’t do anything

Answered 2 months ago

Husband works away, works hard but when he’s home, he doesn’t do a thing. Not one thing. No mowing no rubbish no shipping not one thing at all. I work part time and am almost finished my nursing degree. And I’m fed up!! So angry so pissed off! The house is a messsnd in the only person who does anything! If I don’t do it, it doesn’t get done. I’m just venting I guess but damn I’m sick of it. He’s lazy. And plays computer games all day and night when he's not sleeping.

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2 months ago
He does not respect you. Start setting boundaries. Have you considered giving up your part time job and focus on finishing your study and looking after the home only as a short term measure to take some stress off?
Get a lawnmower person and cleaner, use daycare and school to make space for your own time. Do things for yourself this is called self care. Consider looking after yourself as well as you look after the kids. If you don’t you could burn out or resent him so much it would be difficult to stay together in the future.

2 months ago
Go have a girls weekend away and leave him at home to look after the kids and run the house then maybe he might have a new appreciation on all you do on a daily basis as it is a lot of work and with no reward or appreciation at all


2 months ago
This comment! Go live your best life when he returns home from work, use that time to unwind and relax.