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Mirena after having a baby

Answered 2 years ago

How soon did you get your mirena inserted after having a baby?
I’m sure my obstetrician made me wait 12 weeks last time (2016) but a google search tonight indicates they’re putting them in straight after the placenta is delivered in the delivery room.

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2 years ago
Mine was put in at my pp check up at 6 weeks

2 years ago
The best option is either to place the IUD immediately after delivery, when there is only a 10 percent risk of the uterus expelling the device, or to wait at least four weeks afterward, when the risk drops to 4 percent, an analysis of existing research found.

When women get an IUD implanted in the uterus more than 10 minutes after delivery but less than four weeks later, the risk of expulsion is 30 percent overall, researchers report in Obstetrics & Gynecology. With a vaginal delivery, the risk of expulsion of an IUD inserted within four weeks is also more than five times greater than with a Caesarean section.

“The uterus grows during pregnancy and has to shrink back down in the weeks following delivery,” said lead study author Tara Jatlaoui of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.

“It is that process during the postpartum period that likely increases the risk of IUD expulsion compared with IUD placement at another time,” Jatlaoui said by email.

Placing an IUD immediately after birth carries a slightly increased risk that it may loosen and fall out, but the risks of other complications, such as infections, are small and similar to the odds of side effects from an IUD placed later in the doctor’s office.