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Leave or stay

Answered 4 days ago

I have 3 children and a partner who in all honesty doesn’t spend time with them at all. This has put a massive strain on our relationship and we are on the verge of breaking up.
My partner went to jail and I supported him and stuck by him. Our children were young at the time and don’t understand what happened but always wanted to see dad every second they got.
Before he went in he was always with friends partying and causing arguments so he could go out (to which he admitted doing). I thought he would have changed but nothing has. He doesn’t help with kids, he doesn’t take them out, he’s constantly snapping at them. We just had a “movie night” to which he sat on the lounge the whole time while I laid cuddling the kids.
He tries to spend time with me which is great but that’s all it can and not the kids. I have said time and time again once he works on the relationship with the kids our love life will fall back into place but he just does not do it. He’s very lazy and expects the world to be at his feet. I feel like the kids are “too hard” and that’s why he doesn’t bother. Our goals in life are going in seperate directions and although I love him we are not a good couple. What do I do

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4 days ago
I am in a relationship with a guy whose kids aren’t disciplined and some people think I should mind my own business

7 days ago
Is he Depressed? I think counseling is needed