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Week from hell

I have had the absolute week from hell. First I had a terrible toothache so went to the dentist, impacted wisdom tooth, will have to come out but it’s surrounded by nerves so will have to be really careful not to touch the nerve in case of damage. Infection in the jaw so take antibiotics and come back next week. Pain pain pain bla bla bla, toilet train kid, toilet train kid, pain pain pain. Take newly adopted kitten to the vet, kittens got ringworm (that she got whilst in care) shave her, shave other cat, bathe her every two days (😩) cream and tablets (100s of dollars later) try to make sure nobody gets to ringworm, bleach everything everyday bla bla bla pain pain pain, have tooth pulled out, oops nerve damage, pain and also numbness 🤔 husbands never home coz he’s at wot9 every night coz we have no money coz the cat and the dentist cost a fortune, kids being a brat all the time, cats gross but feel so bad for her....... sorry just needed to get it all out


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Everything's worse when you are in pain! Hope it gets better soon, and poor kitty!

Washing cats, that in itself would be a mission let alone in pain from tooth ache. Can only get better now

Good to vent... does sound like a week from hell I’ll give ya that! Hope this week goes better... whooooop

Oops sorry that went weird, he’s at work till 9 every night it’s meant to say. And this is just the short version, first world problems I know but flippin eck!