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Do you think it's tacky to be telling everybody the cost of your engagement ring?


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Yes. And just as tacky to ask someone how much theirs cost.

Yes, it's about love. I remember one day at work. There was young guy and he was so excited to tell me he was going to buy a ring had a whole proposal planned to take her to an English mountain and propose at the sunset. I was like omg!!! So anyway he said I was going to spend $1500 on the ring I don't have much. So these two girls come over and say Ew if my husband did that I would say no I want an expensive ring. I swear I saw his heartbreak I said dude don't worry my ring wasn't expensive but I love my husband and that's all that mattered not the ring.

 Those girls were awful, shallow bi****s!
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 I feel so bad for the poor bloke. Some people are just born assholes. You seem very lovely x
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Absolutely. Who actually cares how much anyone’s cost?
It’s the love shared and the promise of commitment that’s the most important thing

Yes especially when they say a expensive amount and you look at it like really looks cheaper to me

Mine was $19,000

 ^yes it is tacky
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 Haha. I see what you did there
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