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What are your plans this weekend?

Had a sleep in this morning we have been so flat out renovating. Its off to fruit and veg markets today take the kids to the park and garden nusery. Then family over later today.


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Tearing my hair out
Husbands ex dumped the kids on our door step last night at 5pm and said she met a guy at the shops and has a date tonight

Shopping this morning then staying home relaxing, drawing, playing, reading books, watching a movie. Then tomorrow church in the morning then out to the park if it's sunny and visiting family in the afternoon

It's really cold here today so we are staying in and staying warm. Netflix, board games and just hanging out are our plans. Our last few weekends have been busy so it's nice to have nothing planned.

Haircuts, groceries and an arvo with Footy/V8 and beer. Tomorrow my students are playing footy so we are going down to support them in their Grand Final. After that is park and home for rests and a little school prep.

Cleaning for a house inspection on Monday morning. Studying and then a family outing thing tomorrow afternoon so we get out of the house.