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Has anyone had a dry socket? How are they treated? Thanks.


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Ahhh I feel your pain, my dentist said I don't have it but the pain I have is incredibly similar. They pack in with some dissolvable gauze soaked in clove oil and something else, and give antibiotics. I feel your pain!!!

 Thank you. I Had my wisdom teeth out and am thinking I'll have to go back, was hoping to let it heal naturally. Poor you, it's terrible.
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 I got mine out last Thursday, been in horrific pain since. Had it packed twice by the dentist and didn't help much, now on mersyndol forte, so taking that and Nurofen.... My doctor today said that's all I can do, plus a little clove oil around the gums, and a heat pack and I've been told it will take weeks to heal 😟
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They reinfected the anaesthetic and scratched my gum until it bled again to make a new blood clot and gave me a prescription for antibiotics and Panadeine Forte.

 *re Injected
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 Did you get instant relief after?
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