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Part time/casual/night shift work

Does anyone work part time/casual/night shift? What is your job and how do you balance it with having young children?


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Nursing home nurse
10.30pm to 7am and love it cause don’t have to deal with my 5 kids aged between 3 and 12 at night

 When do you sleep? And wouldn’t they be asleep anyway?
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Part time retail. I liked it at first, the social aspect but I'm getting bored. You'll figure it out. It's not ideal but you've gotta do what you've gotta do. Depends on your motivation. I'm just doing it for the money. It's easier when you have a good support system if you don't & your working with more rigid systems (like child care) pick up & drop off at certain times that can be hard because life never goes to plan & sometimes you get out of work late or other things come up etc

You will manage. Whatever kind of work you get, you will find a way to adapt and adjust. It will balance out if you make it balance out.

No way I would do nights or Xmas eve or Xmas or New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day
I would quit if I was forced to do the above

 What about Easter or birthdays or mother’s day or Father’s Day or world hunger day?
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 You just state you are unavailable those times, and make sure it's in your contract. Though you may not get the job.
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 I Forgot
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 You will definately not get the job if you stated you won’t work those days. I’ve worked in retail all my working life and December and Easter are blackout periods for holidays. Book one and you get fired. Or you could do what my manager has done for the last five years in a row. Fake injuries to get time off. She fake collapses , pops a shoulder out, twists her ankle, has severe stomach pain, allergic reactions. Bitch gets away with it too.
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 Yet some people love nights, public holidays etc.
I don't mind public holidays, but I don't want to work weekends, I might pick up a weekend shift every 6 months but mostly I'm just not available then

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I am a disability support worker. I choose my own hours and rates. Minimum I charge is $45 an hour for weekdays, more for weeknights, weekends and public holidays.

 So do you work for yourself then? Or are you with an agency? Interested in this line of work.
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 I work for myself.
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I work evenings finishing at either 10 or 11. I have 3 kids and study part time too. So far, I manage ok. You've just to know your limits - for me, I know I can't do more than 20 hours a week.

I used to work 5pm to 5am it was stupid. I would be wrecked never sleep, my husband was interstate but when I got my promotion that was my only choice. I had a month long overseas holiday coming up and left

Aged care morning shift only. If you say you're only available Wednesday/Thursday etc and have either a family member to watch the kids or have daycare booked that day its easier.
Or a few girls have husband's who work mornings and they must leave their kids with a friend for an hour or two So they can begin the pm shift, and hubby takes over when he finishes work.
Everything takes a bit of organising though with littler ones

I used to work nights and had a toddler. I needed to sleep but she was coming out of day sleeps and I was becoming a wreck. I bought a tv for the bedroom and put kids shows on. She was safe in my room while I could sleep. I found that she usually slept as well tho so it was better for both of us. Before I did that I once dozed off on the couch and she got up to a bit of mischief so shutting her in my room was the safest way to go.