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Tips on how to get your child to sleep through the night?

My almost 13mth old is waking anywhere between 2 and 12 times per night. Every night!
I'm exhausted! I haven't had a full nights sleep since I was pregnant.
Does anyone have any tips on how to get him to sleep through? He doesn't want a bottle, normally he just cries for his dummy and once he has it, he goes straight back to sleep.
He sleeps in a cot in our room, the room is the right temperature, he has a comforter, I dress him comfortably, he has atleast 2 dummies in his cot so he can find them himself if needed....
What else can I do?


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It's a comfort thing, he wants his mummy. Bring him into bed with you to get some sleep. Well worth it, it won't last forever....

Get rid of the dummy! Go cold turkey, it's a few rough nights but within 3-4 days he won't even remember it and things get sooo much better. Oh and throw them all in the bin, so you don't give in at 3am and give them back

Be nice and take dummy away and have a toy and some milk

buy 415 Dummy's and leave them all around his cot ;)

Take the dummy away and maybe consider putting him in his own room. Knowing you're so close for the quick comfort and cuddle might encourage more wake ups. Each child is very different and what works for one does not work well for another. My first woke once a night for a feed til 14 months, 2nd had 2 feeds a night til 14 months, 3rd was the same as 2nd child, and my 4th is now 11 months old and has been sleeping all night since about 13 weeks (except in illness and teeth and the occasional comfort feed). I did nothing different with each one if it helps. Never used dummies but kids didnt like them more than anything. Both my boys fed and went back to sleep very quickly and my girls would be up for a few hours once awak and put on quite the performamce. Letting them cry wont hurt if theyre not in distress and just grizzling. What state do you live in? Are you able to call the sleep place for advice before actually joining the queue for a visit?

I'd suggest getting rid of his dummy, if that's the thing he's waking for.