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Answered 9 months ago

So I can not handle alcohol.
Anyone else the same? Whenever I drink I only have maybe 5 drinks and I am absolutely hammered. Is this normal? All my friends can drink fine, last longer. But after my 5 I'm passed out for the night.
I don't drink often at all, maybe once every 3 months. Yes I'm aware I'll most likely cop shit for this post but I'm genuinely curious haha

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9 months ago
The more you drink, the more tolerance you have. 5 drinks of anything is enough for most people to feel an effect. If you drink once every 3 months then I’d definitely expect you to be at least tipsy after 5 drinks. Why would you want to drink to you pass out anyway? If 2-3 drinks is enough, then stop. Nothing wrong with a cheap drunk


9 months ago
No I definitely don't want to pass out I think Ive worded my question terribly.
It just sneaks up on me. I can be totally fine after 4 drinks, then have another and that's the 1 that tips me over the edge. I guess that's what I was asking, just not sure why I can be totally fine then all of a sudden I'm not.

9 months ago
It's not necessary the 5th drink. It's your body processing the alcohol that hits you. It takes time.

9 months ago
I rarely drink - maybe twice a year I'll have a glass of wine if I feel like it so my body has no tolerance for alcohol. I feel the effect immediately. I don't like most alcohol, the feeling of being drunk or the hangover so don't do it.

My friend can drink until 5am, nap for an hour & be fine. But she drinks every weekend.

It's all I'm how much you drink & your physiological make up.

I suggest you have one drink & just take your time with it rather than competing in the great aussie booze sinking competition.