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Christmas Gift Giving!!!

Answered 1 year ago

With Xmas just around the corner, I am trying to figure out what gifts to buy my extended family, but I have no idea! Does anyone else have this problem?

I know the surprise factor is nice, but all things considered with COVID, I want to make sure they are getting what they want or actually need.

I actually want some specific things too but hate to ask!!

How do you all handle this?

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1 year ago
Wow.. i can't believe it's the time to think about it already!

We do that stealing white Christmas gift exchange where everyone buys a gift under $50, take turns opening up a present and have 3 goes stealing a present.

It suits our family because there's always one in the family that...

- Spends too much - so we feel bad we have given a gift that's meaningful but low costing

- Someone who buys wacky stuff for everyone and the present gathers dust.

- someone that doesn't have that much money to spend on everyone. Which is OK but they feel obliged to

- someone who doesn't see the need for gifts (me)

So this game for the past 4 years have worked well and helps all family situations! We spend money on the younger kids tho (3 of them).

1 year ago
Our family use an app called Elfster which is an easier way of handling Kris Kringle. Everyone downloads the app and then has a wish list. The app allocates who is buying for who. Works out well.

1 year ago
We only do kids in my family as in my kids, ny neices and nephews and younger siblings. Cousins and their kids stopped as its too expensive. I think its about time together not gifts maybe give token gifts, calenders, socks, gag gifts chocolates.

1 year ago
Gift vouchers to stores I know they shop at


1 year ago