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Best before and use by dates

Do you throw things out that go past their best before date? What about use by - sometimes I’ve eaten things that are like a day past their use by and it still tastes ok. What are your thoughts on this?


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My mother in law has dished us up food years after their used by date. We’ve never gotten sick.

I wait until things are mouldy or taste bad or are obviously off 😂

Best before is about quality- the food will still be fine after (within reason), but they won't guarantee the quality after that date. Use by dates I take with a grain of salt. They have to build in a safety buffer, so realistically it should be fine for a couple days after at least, especially if you haven't opened it yet.

Used by dates I do. Best before I don’t. Something might taste ok but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is so I always go by the date instead of how it might look, smell or taste. Best before just means after that date the food won’t taste as good as opposed to having the potential to make you sick.