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Do you feel there is a certain standard of grooming that all women should do

I recently had some comments about how a man shouldn't have to tell a prospective gf that she should wax eye brows, lip and chin as well as lips. I never had friends or a female influence so have never known what grooming is expected of a women. Would like your opinion and advice to assist me in learning


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Showering and wearing deodorant.
Anything above that is personal choice.

 I'd go this plus brushing teeth.
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 Yep to teeth!
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I just think do whatever makes you happy. I'm so sick of people putting pressure and stigma to be a certain way for either the other person's comfort or society.

For me I laser underarms, legs and Brazilian.
I get my hand and toenails done regularly
I have eyebrow feathering once a year.
Eyelash extensions
I’m growing my hair but still get it colored.
I buy shoes and clothes regularly.
To the person who wants an itemized account, sorry I don’t add this up. This is how I look after myself, I never used to and I’m ashamed at how I treated myself. Yes I love myself now and I’m proud to say it.

 Plastic fantastic
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 Well done on looking after yourself and feeling great, but you must spend a fortune on all of these things!
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The new generation of men are disgusting. They'd also like you to act as though you live life in a porno as well.

 I've never met a man who thinks like that
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 The other day I overhead this conversation of two 20 something to guys. One said ‘she used to be so slim but in the last few weeks she has got so fat and when she asked me to f**k her I said “umm yeah ok I guess”, and we fu***d. It was ok. Why did she get so fat?’
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To me basic grooming is:
Eyebrows and lip always groomed .. for me that means waxed eyebrows and lips, tinted eyebrows (I have very light hair) and tinted eyelash.
I shave my arm pits everyday
I shave my legs every other day
Wash my hair every other day.
And I always have my toe nails and fingernails done.
I am trying to get into the habit of doing my hair and make up if not every day certainly more often ,because it makes me feel good about myself.
And this year I have put effort into ensuring my hair is regularly cut and coloured.
For me I think anything above showering, deodorant and brushing your hair is a personal thing and should only be done because it makes you feel good about yourself and not because someone told you to do so.

 I am curious how much would it cost you each month to have your eyebrows and lip waxed as well as nails done
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 I have them redone once a month so $160 for the nails and the eyebrows ($80 for each appointment)
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Wow, I think that's rude! What if you liked your facial hair?
I have a kinda moustache, it's not like noticeable unless in Certain light but if someone suggests to me to get it waxed off I get really angry! Who do people think they are even making unwanted suggestions about my face?

 Yes I felt really uncomfortable I have fair skin and hair I also suffer pcos which is out of my hands and don't have control over it. I am just feeling that there must be a expectation to be groomed otherwise it seems it must be inappropriate deemed by society
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Each to their own I reckon. I go to a lot of trouble, but I do it for me - not for anyone else. Nor do I judge others.

For me personally is, eyebrows tidy, lip tidy, underarms always hair free, full Brazilian, legs shaven. I like to have my nails painted aswell.

 Can I ask how much would they cost to have done each month

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 I went thru a phase of getting Brazilian done but now I just have full bush and my husband can deal with it. I don't see him shaving or waxing his groin, so I don't feel the need to either anymore
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 You have finally mature woman, welcome to the club 🙂 (don't take it the wrong way, I'm not a troll,just making a friendly joke ok support)
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No pubes over bathers

 What if I like the hairy overgrown pube look 😂
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Shower daily at least, wear deodorant and brush your teeth twice a day