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Religious tattoos in Australia

Can anyone recommend a tattoo artist/parlor that specialise in religious tattoos? Google hasn't been very helpful and I'm getting really frustrated. If it helps I'm after getting a portrait of the Virgin Mary on my upper arm. Anywhere in Australia, I'm happy to travel for the right artist


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I have a large cross down my arm, with rosary beads wrapped around it, with "deus me custodiat" basically translated as God holds me in custody, but it the Latin translation of God Watches Over Me since Latin didn't have an extensive dictionary as such.
I just saw my regular tattoist, an atheist but loved my design, never criticised me and did an amazing job.

 Cool I don't have a regular tattooist yet since this will be my first but I'll talk to the man who does my hubby's and see what he thinks. Thanks 😊
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Bondi ink, i haven't been personally but their work is amazing. Look them up on facebook

 Thanks I will 😊
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No help here but why do you want that tattoo specificly? Wots the meaning behind it? Not trolling just really curious not many people get religious stuff done