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Do you swear around your kids?

Answered 7 months ago

I have to admit that yeah I do....but it's never name calling or anything like that, it's more like "Oh FFS" when they do something stupid, or if I kick my toe I drop the F bomb lol!
So do you swear around your kids too?

  • Sometimes

  • Depends on the situation

  • All the time

  • Never


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7 months ago
Yes. Now my 6 year old says it if he’s frustrated. I have stopped doing it as much as I used to and he is not saying those words as much.

7 months ago
Same. I've such a potty mouth. I do swear around them but not at them or to them

7 months ago
I never do, but I don't swear in general anyway.

7 months ago
I do sometimes but I feel bad about it. I think because my parents were so strict about it when I was growing up.