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I have 3 growing boys - what are good snack options?

Answered 11 months ago

I am finding muesli bar wrappers (that are only meant for lunchboxes) hidden all over the house from them taking snacks and not asking. Need some new ideas!

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11 months ago
I have three teenagers. I have a day where I cook things for the freezer like savoury muffins, freezer burritos... I cut up fruit for the fridge and usually make a pasta bake or a lasagna.
I work until 730pm so they need to fend for themselves after school and we have dinner about 830-9.

11 months ago
I have the same problem. I just buy a lot of extra fruit and some extras for lunches, but tell them this box is for school and if it’s gone you aren’t getting anymore. I also find making extra at dinner time and having the left overs in a couple of bowls in the fridge already portioned out and easy to heat up a good after school snack.