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I am HOOKED lol anyone else love them? God i can't stop, and spreading them with butter!


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Arrow roots smothered with butter was my after school snack 30 odd years ago

OP ahah same about 20 years ago. yum! I've brought it back in my home haha
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Yes !! My 13 year old son and I love them. We have them daily with our cup of tea, jammed together with butter and dipped in is the best way!

Ahhhh it won't let me reply. My kids eat plenty of junk food. I don't buy arrowroot or similar as they are full of transfats.

No they are banned in my house.

 For the love of god, WHY?
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 They are very unhealthy. I love them but wouldn't let my kids eat them.
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 Here comes the kale chips people!
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OP I think out of a biscuit they aren't too bad. Yes it's made out of flour, but, a bit under 1 teaspoon of sugar for 2-3 biscuits. Yes, it has sugar, but for a nice little treat - why not. If you can't have 2 biscuits...?
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 The odd milk arrowroot is the worse thing you can ever give your child? Do you let your kids have the odd occasional unhealthy thing, ever?
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Butter and promite

OP haha never tried that eeek I can't stomach promite
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